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How to Recover Data from Acer Laptop?

 Posted by Dell Support on August 38, 2018

It becomes a matter of great concern when our Acer laptop malfunctions and all the data seems to get lost in the recovery. But if a computer dies because of a software error and not because of hardware problem, its files remain inaccessible but intact on the disk. You can simply follow these steps to recover data from the hard drive of a dead Acer laptop by turning your old hard drive into an external hard drive.

  • Get a hard drive disk enclosure which is an external system into which you can place a hard drive of a computer so that you can run it on another computer by the help of a USB port. But before making its purchase make sure that it is compatible with your laptop and meets its specifications.
  • Also make sure that the computer that you are using to transfer files has enough space to accommodate the file of your computer, else you can use a second external hard drive with the working computer and use it as a transfer system.
  • ‘Mount’ the hard drive to the computer using ONLY Disk utility as any other action may lead to loss of content.
  • Turn off the laptop that is not working, unplug it and remove the battery. Carefully, remove the hard drive from the laptop by unscrewing the hard drive cover.
  • Remove the connector plate of the disk enclosure and place it in the hard drive interface. You can locate the connector pins at one end of the drive to see properly where to make this connection.
  • Place the hard drive into the enclosure.
  • Using a USB cable, connect the working computer to the external hard drive.
  • Open the drive and then copy paste the data either to the working computer or to the second external hard drive. If the data is large then it might take long for the process to finish.
  • Close the window when the process is complete and then eject by clicking the USB icon.

Finally the process of recovering data is complete. If you have more doubts or if you are not able to perform the task properly, then you can reach our experts by dialing Acer Support Phone Number 1800-431-355. They are active whole day and entire night to assist you with the best.

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