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How to install operating system windows 7 on Acer?

 Posted by Dell Support on August 28, 2018

If you want to install the windows 7 operating system on your Acer laptop then just follow the given instructions to make the process simpler.

  • First step to do is creating a bootable USB stick of windows 7 by inserting the USB and then copying or moving the contents to a drive.
  • Go to the command prompt with the admin rights. To do this, either type cmd in the search box of the start menu and press Ctrl+ Shift+ enter or you can open the start menu and then go to programs> accessories, a right click on command prompt and then click on Run as administrator.
  • You should have a little knowledge regarding the USB drive. Now enter the following commands in the command prompt:
  • LIST DISK. Write down the disk number of the USB that you inserted. For example DISK 1
  • FORMAT FS=NTFS ( this may take a little time)
  • EXIT
  • Now the command prompt should not be closed as one more command needs to be executed.
  • Now check the drive letter of the DVD by double clicking its icon after inserting it in the optical drive. Here we are assuming that the USB drive is H drive while the DVD drive is D drive.
  • Now resume your command prompt and now give the following commands:
  • D:CD BOOT press enter. Here D is the DVD drive letter.
  • CD BOOT press enter, a message will appear.
  • Update the USB drive with BOOTMGD compatible mode by entering the following command BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H: here H is the drive letter.
  • Now copy the contents of windows 7 DVD into the USB.
  • Now reboot your acer and then when it is booting up press the F12 button to enter BIOS.
  • Choose the flash drive as bootable drive and press the enter button.
  • The new windows 7 will start installing.

Now you only need to follow the steps given on the screen to finally complete. For further assistance call Acer support number 1800-431-355 our experts will guide you through the process in detail.

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